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Calibration Device 1B: White Noise Generator

CD-01B Audio Sample

The CD01B White Noise Generator is for the engineers who require the calibration of varying source impedance values through the use of a flat noise signal. The signal, flat from 100Hz to 100kHz, is able to maintain its integrity across different load levels.

The problem with current day noise output calibration oscillators is that it does not account for some part of the signal path.

Analog/Digital Mixing/Recording Console:

+--------------+                  +------------------+
| Insert Point |                  | Calibration Tone |
|    CD01B     |                  |   Insert Path    |
+-----+--------+                  +---------+--------+
    |                                     |
    |    +------------+   +-----------+   |    +--------+
    |    | Mic Input/ |   | Fader/Vol |   v    | Mixer  |
    +----> Line Input +--->  Control  +---+----> Output |
         +------------+   +-----------+        +--------+

The figure above demonstrates the current issues:

  1. The Microphone/Line Input and Fader/Vol Controls are not accounted for when using the test oscillators/noise generators.
  2. The calibration of the mixer output will not show the complete picture of the signal due to constantly differing sources.
  3. There is no calibration of the Microphone/Line Input and Fader/Volume Controls (Panning and otherwise)
  4. You can also use this method to calibrate the auxiliary send and receive potentiometers.

The white noise from the generator can also be used as a ear-cleansing tool after long mixes when the ears have been saturated and tired from prolong listening periods. The white noise signal can also be used as a noise generator in a modular synthesiser – i.e. Into a Sample & Hold as a noise source for CV-ing other devices.


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